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Why have I been charged $77?-


There are two parts to becoming a full VIP member of Firstly there is the 3 day training program, which costs $1. 

The three day training program qualifies you to become a full VIP member and have unlimited access to our writing job database. This is just a one time payment of $77 for lifetime membership. You have been charged the $77 to become a VIP member because you did not cancel your subscription during your 3 day training program, as outlined on the page you signed up on.

You are now a VIP member and have unlimited access to all of our advanced training and writing job database. Take advantage of this great new opportunity and start following the training and applying for the jobs and you will make more than the cost of your membership fee back from your first writing job!

This is the start of a whole new career for you!

However if you would like to cancel your membership and not be billed any further monthly payments you can cancel your account with us by filling in the form below:


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